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A New Beginning

Thank you for visiting Butchered Nation. Today, June 22nd 2010, marks the official launch of a socio-political blog that has been in the works—in some form or another—for over five years. I am pleased and excited to bring this website to the public and I look forward to the coming years of discussion, debate, dissemination of ideas and community feedback to a world of topics and issues I'm eager to publish. It is my goal to unearth and share a treasure trove of alternate ideas in this politically polarized, confusing and manipulated landscape which currently makes up the arena of the United States.

The Butchered Nation logo, represented on our t-shirt, is literally a re-drawing of our nation's state lines conforming to a beef-butcher's chart. The logo symbolizes the frequency and ease with which our politicians tell us what we want to hear, all the while harboring intentions contrary to campaigned messages. It symbolizes the readiness of our national media to dissect our minds, opinions and values in an attempt to cram each and every one of us into one of two colored slots. It represents all that is un-American and un-Democratic about how the American people are treated by their government and special interests who seek to keep us from creating a better society. The great myth is that we participate—we vote with our ballots, we vote with our dollars and thus affect the outcome of our lives. But the powers that be maintain a monopoly of control by keeping us misdirected and at each others' throats.

"One nation, indivisible?" We are constantly being divided, not united. Our families are being split down the middle. The American people are treated like cattle; every year we are sent up the voting plank to the media-frenzied kill floor: read meat and blue guts, compost for the machine.

There was a time when I felt comforted by the system, but the foundation of stability shifted and collapsed under a fragile reality. The world became confusing and the core issues difficult to identify. The solutions to our instability seemed elusive and hard to grasp. It is the reason why this blog is five years in the making: I didn't know where to start looking and the familiar no longer measured up to truth.

I have so much to say about the state of this world, but for brevity's sake I'll conclude my introduction and welcome. There is plenty available on Butchered Nation to give you a sense of what this site is about. In the next couple weeks I will be publishing my first article, The Lies of Democracy and the Evils of a Two Party System. Until then I encourage you to get acquainted with the material at hand. I implore you to write me if you feel compelled: I would like to hear from you and would appreciate your thoughts.

Until then, sign up on Twitter, Facebook and/or Myspace to get the latest updates from Butchered Nation. Welcome to the community that knows how much you matter to a civil society. I've been waiting for you!


Austen Hoogen

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Current Article: Are Cameras the New Guns?

A frightening trend to outlaw public surveillance of police actions based on "wiretapping laws" is gaining ground in many states. Combine that with the chipping away at your Fifth Amendment rights, a brutal and unstoppable—and largely invisible—police state is well under way. Read More

Upcoming Article: The Lies of Democracy and the Evils of a Two Party System

Butchered Nation being a brand-new website, our first official article will deal with the problems of a two-party system in our republican form of government. Coming Soon!